August 24, 2010

The lunch box issue

There is a lady in my office who likes to have soups! And she likes to make the same in the microwave, using my lunch box. This is the second time it has happened, and I do not understand how can it be so difficult to get a bowl if you can remember to get the soup packet.

I do not have an issue someone using my lunch box ( though I do not know why would someone want to do that, unless its urgent), but the soup cooked in the microwave leaves a red stain on the plastic, which I do not like. I had a clear plastic lunch box, and now I have an orangish tinge all over it. She has again borrowed the lunch box, and today I am going to inform her that I can not give it anymore!


  1. don't give and tell that i need to put in my Oven.

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  2. I like your new look. Yeah, be polite and firm. Besides do you know its not safe to use plastic in a microwave. Advise her to get a glass bowl for herself

  3. fight !! fight !! fight !! fight !! fight !! fight !! :D

    P.S. Did you win ?

  4. What a crazy woman she must be, to borrow someone else's lunch box!!! Cant she just bring her own???!!! Such a silly thing.

  5. give it to her, and buy a new lunch box


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