August 31, 2010

Just thinking...

Some of those things which I need to do 
  1. Start taking a serious interest in the art of driving
  2. Have  to start sketching, one of my close friends will go crazy if I do not, considering the number of times she has told me this in the past 2 years
  3. Need to spend less time on the phone
  4. Post more regularly on my blog
  5. Read regularly, and not restrict it to the car rides to work
  6. Watch the huge list of movies which I have been amassing
  7. Plan a trip for this year end, come what may 
I have been thinking, and I think I have been taking my life too easy. In fact, someone told me so also. It did not feel good to hear it being said, but it started me on how true it is. I have been fixated on living each day that I do not even think of things which are long term. I do not think of the different hobbies which I had, and promised myself I would never lose them. I started working and then I stopped all that. When I stopped working also, I did not pick it up. I was just plain lazy. And now I want to pick it up. I have had enough of the time I spend on the internet which ends up me not using my time for anything else.


  1. #1 - serious interest in the art of driving
    #5 - you read in the car?!

    Something is wrong here lady! ; )

  2. Jan: I have a car driver who drops me off at work and gets me back home when I am done. Hence I get time to read in the car rides. I need to start driving myself, but I am petrified of the traffic here :(

  3. Come now, Aathira! You can drive in Bangalore; I do so. So can you though the chaos does scare you.

  4. Yup, once the WILL appears, the WAY follows soon too :-)

  5. Thanks for reminding me... 4 & 6 are on my list too!

  6. Rachna: The chaos scares me... but I need to build in the road sense and not be skittish ( as my brother says)!


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