April 28, 2010

Keep them nails pretty

Me being me, and me having always thought that I would know many beauty tricks... I am surprised I never ever thought of this before... well maybe prior to marriage I did not really need to know this.

When you cook, your nails tend to be slightly discoloured (courtesy the Indian spices) and then, you do not feel happy about it, not one bit...I hate having slightly yellow nails. The problem in wearing nail polish is that it tends to chip off easily and requires more time to be maintained. But, I recently realized that top coat, or colourless nail varnish is a great solution... it serves the purpose and doesn't chip off easily as its meant to be a top coat. Above all, it helps to keep the nails pink and white!!


  1. Great tip :D

    And congrats once again on your newly wedded life :)


  2. N/a for me as I never use any cosmetics whatsoever (except perhaps kaajal and a little lipstick at times). But yes, from your post, I realise how many women have those glossy nails :-) Must be the colourless varnish :-)

  3. yup, working around the house can play havoc with the nails.. i tend to chop mine off when i cut vegetables! :P
    i donno if this works, but i was once told that u can soak our fingertips in lukewarm water with a few lemon drops to get rid of the yellowness.. try n see, it might just work...

  4. @Kiran: Thanks

    @writerzblock: I love colorless varnish.. it gives a well groomed feel :)

    @mandira: I should try this; the masalas play havoc!


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