April 23, 2010

Places and food!

We travelled quite a bit this last week.. Delhi.. then Vaishno Devi... back to Delhi and finally headed back home on thursday! And while we were at B's place... we had some of the most awesome home cooked tikkis, samosas, and khichdi ....slurrrrppp ;)

I do not think I will do the whole travelogue thing for Vaishno Devi... but just pics and loads of them :) 

 I  was dead tired after the trek up and down... and now walk around with a crepe bandage due to a sprained ankle :(


  1. Oh my parents r just bk from Vaishno Devi too :)
    Hope the ankle is better nw!
    The tikkis look yummm!

  2. @sorcerer: Welcome.. and thanks

    @Swaram & Reema: Ankle is getting better...a slight pain persists.


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