May 3, 2010


Many a times, some of my married friends have told will learn with time that men just do not get the concept of gifting. They will take you out, spend money, all with no thought or issues. But, will they get something for you and surprise that's something which they inherently are maybe scared of doing ( fear of us not liking it), and that is something which has an appeal to every girl, and that is something any amount of shopping together can never bring.

When these thoughts cross through my mind.. I feel maybe I am just being unnecessarily pesky and demanding. What is it that I can not walk and buy and feel good about it? There is perfectly nothing. I enjoy the surprises, so I should be the one planning and doing the needful to give a surprise... why wait for one! 

So, all said.. I think it is going to be a better tomorrow with less feeling bad and just happy about making him smile with my surprises.


  1. Nice thoughts there :)
    Do share the ideas with us :)

  2. I am forwarding this right away to Shruti!
    Thanks for endorsing this point of view :)

  3. sigh.. I used to be that guy !! The type who'd always been planning surprises and stuff just for a smile.. seems like ages ago !!!

  4. @Swaram: Well.. to start with yest we had a gonna make up for it today :)

    @Anurag: I do not think Shruti will be too happy about this post!!

    @Dr Roshan: We girls have no issues if these genre of guys do exist... it shall be good to see some lucky girl being surprised!

  5. I think u have come to a judgement within ur circle...who are unfortunate to not have much surprises, me & some of my friends do give surprises, and the best part is she likes my surprise gifts better than her selections :)

  6. @Reader Dais: I agree, as the doc also mentioned.. some men just love to surprise and do something special, but I also think the majority just do not, for whatever the reason be.

    Its possible its a regional thing too.

  7. ohh i have adopted another way..i just tell him what I want! :D

  8. @Reema: I am too much a romantic... I want my surprises... or I like to give them :)

  9. That's true and that's what I do too. but still somewhere in some corner I do wish to be surprised. :)

  10. the point is the girl feels nice abt the gift....she might say that moment that the gift is wonderful of u.........BUT

    after a week or a month, she will most probably say that instead of that 'x' u could have brought that 'y' thing. or see the 'x' thing you brought for 'a' rupees is avalailable for cheaper price.

    then the person stops giving surprises from next time. I might be wrong but if the girl finds that the thing has been brought at a higher price, never tell.

  11. hello, where the replies to my comments?

    plzz put a search option on ur blog to search for a particular article


  12. @Penguin: There is comment moderation enabled, so the comments take a while to show up. I have added the search box too :) Thanks for visiting!


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