March 4, 2010

What happens...

It is very sad when friends who were once close to you start to drift away. You wonder whether is it knowingly, or is it the toll of fast paced lives, wherein they have no time for any mode of contact? But, can you really be that busy not to have time for any form of contact? I have friends who fall in the category of 'able to keep in contact' and ' not able to..' and I think how much ever you say you are busy and completely swarmed with work, there does come a time when you are free to breathe and get your life back into your hands. And, I believe this is the time when you can get back in touch with all those who you missed in the weeks behind you. Work and pressure of so many things today make one become so self involved, you forget you need family and friends to keep sanity! 

The thought which scares me with my one such ' not able to...' category friend is that, what shall happen when I do get more busy with my life? Then there shall be no more efforts from my end in the form of unanswered calls or unanswered smses.. and obviously no effort to call when time permits from their end. More importantly, I wonder whether there shall be time for me to call someone who chooses not to answer calls, or would I rather call and speak to those who would be there to talk to... Maybe this is the angry me speaking, so a more calm and subdued me says that.... I am the kind of person who would call and try to keep in touch with those who are closest to me inspite of however crazily busy they are. But, till when can I just keep calling and wanting to be a part of their life?


  1. I totally agree with u .. inspite of all the busy schedules, I think we cn indeed make some time to talk to our dear ones. Thanks for reminding me abt the same. I think u shud try say 2-3 times and then take some time off. Hugs to u girl.

  2. I guess we try harder to keep in touch with some friends, while not so much with others because life/events/changes have made you drift apart.
    Even though I aim for solid and long-lasting friendships, I do recognise that some people come into your life for a season, as the saying goes, and they disappear as soon as their role has been fulfilled. It doesn't have to be a tragedy. Other friendships we do have the duty to keep alive.

    Wonderful seeing your honeymoon photos, Aathira :)

  3. :) Try to stay in touch..i have had bad experience of friends saying that they dont recognise my voice..there is a saying that "Only close friend make it to the next phone book list" :)

  4. I have lost touch with so many friends over the years that its depressing. Like you, I too tried to stay in touch but then gave up. "Apply Apply, No Reply" you see :)
    Thats Life Babes!

  5. In my experience i can tell, out of sight out of mind......

    I feel you can have close friends only at the place you live.....when you leave that place , close friends become distant...

    there can be some exceptions, but this is the general rule.

  6. ohh dont even get me started on this. I'm so fed up with the stupid excuses friends if they are the only busy ones and I dont have any work. My belief is where there is a will there is a way.When u really want to do something u will find time for it and we do!

  7. i feel u always have at least so little time tht u can catch up wid whom u want to catch up with...
    the only mystery is why people tend to show tht they dnt hav time...


  8. if you look within yourself, you'll realise that not having time to stay in touch with people who you want to is an excuse. no one is that busy. when you find yourself saying something like that, it's a good idea to see how important that friendship is. The ones that last beyond "i don't have time" are truly the ones that need holding on to.

  9. exceeeeeeeellently written.
    u have just written what most probably all of us feel.

    i feel guilty that i have never heard the voice of my batchmates at IITD since aug 2006. Relationship of 5 years just disappearing like.........
    being busy is no excuse.....

    i just wonder what i will talk abt if i call....and then when i call up, we talk for say 10 mins....
    i m astonsihed that what a fool i am that i was thinking wat to talk abt and without any issue to talk abt,we have talked for 10 mins

  10. ALL: As I see it.. now it is a problem faced between many friends.. maybe coz they are separated in time zones.. or else maybe they just have a different lifestyle which makes things difficult. But, I will say... eventually after all the hustle and bustle of life.. you need family and friends.

  11. There is a fact that every individual has limited capacity to have friends and also maintain, as we grow we leave school, institutes keep moving and growing friend circle. Over the time it is quite possible that one of the two, has some other friends. So capacity constraints makes the priority ( some times it based on social and professional needs ).. .. so understand the facts...
    Also people has a personality shift after leaving the college and while moving to professional their choice of friends...


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