February 27, 2010

Kenya - Tryst with the Indian Ocean

What is a honeymoon without lashing about in the waters huh? And the best part about Kenya was it being coastal offered us the Indian ocean to play in! We headed to Mombassa from Amboseli, a drive which took us close to 6 hours by car. The highway is very good and you will see all trailers going to and from Mombassa, which is the major port on the african east coast. 

City Entrance

As you edge towards Mombassa, you feel the humidity rising and the more familiar tropical coastal weather setting in.Once you enter the city of Mombassa, you see buildings which are easily 50 years old,many run down but still inhabited. The resort we were staying at Voyager, was beach side, a lovely place.. and as we drove towards it, we saw the villas along the beach of all the richest in Mombassa... it was something like the sea facing bunglows in Mumbai... but yes these are way cheaper as our guide told us. Another intersting aspect was that all these villas had very high electric fencing and also 24 hour security at the gate. Anyhow, once we reached the voyager ( which is designed to be like a ship, with decks and cabins for the guests); we had very little time to explore the surrounding areas. The beach was beautiful, and water was the perfect temperature to be swimming in it.. the only issue being that the under currents ended up trhowing out a large amount of sea weed. Anyhow we did see the sunrise and take a long walk on the beach before the crowds hit the beach. The tide rose as we were on our way back and the fun was the hopping and jumping through the corals and crabs which were all along the shore.

Crab hole
Crab entering back into its hideout

We took a city tour too, and went to visit the Fort Jesus, which is the most important monument at Mombassa. This was the point of entry to the country by water and this was also the way used in the slave trade during the later years.That was the last phase of our Kenya trip and I think I am of the opinion that Africa is a great place for unexplored beauty and holidays.  

View from Fort Jesus
 Ruins at Fort Jesus
Typical door architecture at Old town, Mombassa
A pier along Old town
A shop selling african craft items


  1. Woww! The crab pics looks fab :) Whatta lovely time u hv hd girl :)

  2. WOW you had been to Kenya! The pics look great. Sounds like you had a great time. How's married life? :)

  3. ok my question is answered. U r on ur HM :)


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