March 26, 2010

An Internal Conflict

I had a interesting conversation with minticetea, and it made me think on one particular aspect which she said. This is something which her husband happened to tell her in a conversation ..." .. that understanding is one thing… at this point you are giving logical reasons to yourself..but that won’t help your heart". 

And this is entirely what I agree with.. its a feeling where you know the situation, and you also know what is the right in such a situation, but when you are faced with the decision to make, you end up always making the wrong one. Why is that? Each time you also tell yourself that you should ensure that this same mistake is not repeated. In my case, this situation is more of a conflict with myself, which I am trying to resolve. A problem which I know is not a real problem at all, if I just make my heart understand that what I feel is not entirely acceptable... its just a purely heart felt emotion, but not a logical one, and also one which I can not really shove down someone's throat! I tell myself, and I seem to see the logic and also know that what I am saying is right, but when the situation arises again, there is a debate ongoing in my head as to whether I should be doing this or that, and my heart rules. I have been wokrking on this for sometime, and I see an improvement though I must say its is more so as I wish to see it! Or maybe not, thats just the pessimistic me speaking... :) 

Have you ever come across something like this?


  1. a mind which is not emotionally stable NEVER makes a right decision. So wen ever u r low, eitr DONOT make a decision, or talk to some one u trust. :)

    Now qns: why do we end up makin the wrong decision wen we are emotionally low? Ans: gues we loose trust in ourself when we are emotionally low. With no trust, we tend to fail our self confidence. Lack of self confidence makes us scared. Physically, the blood flow rate varies when we show lack of self confidence cos at times we get a lil tensed.. ever observed people sweating when tensed? When blood flow rate varies, oxygen production varies and that effects the analytical capabilities of brain. Good reason for takin up a wrong decision? :)

  2. In the first place why you feel that the decision taken through heart is wrong...dont confuse with logic is just one way of looking at things....

    to me heart rules over mind....

  3. Hmm..everybody faces this internal conflict and more often than not; one should listen to one's heart!

    And a great blog! I loved the posts in this blog :)

  4. hmmm the legendry conflict between the heart and the brain. I have always believed that when it comes to decision making, it should never be an emotional one. At such moments, what I do is get away from the place, may be go for a long walk and later when my head clears I think and decide. Many a time, I have observed later that I actually feel relieved that I did not make an emotional decision.

    So when you think you are about to make an emotional decision, quickly get away from the environment :)

  5. yes! a number of such situations have passed through. the good thing is that we have people around to know what is happening around and to learn from others mistake. i seriously doubt if we have all the time in our life to learn everything on our own!

    at the same time, repeat not the same mistake for the second time!

  6. Gosh, I always make the wrong decisions. But then, we learn from mistakes, right, and we make new mistakes and learn more :-) So in retrospect, it would be a great life :-)

    Also, Aathira, I firmly believe, we must live for today. So take whatever decision your heart dictates, and it shall be fine!

    (If it isn't , then what the heck? There's always tomorrow ;-))))

    P.S: Did you know I was a Capricorn?


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