February 3, 2010

Wedding - Part Deux

I used to wonder what was the bride and groom's role in the wedding other than being the centre of the entire spectacle.  One more thing I realized is that you really do not remember most of the happenings of the day. I missed the beauty of the place, didnt get to meet many people who come to attend, did not enjoy the sumptuous food, and most importantly you have to watch the fun which everyone has at your expense while you sit smiling for the photographers! Eventually when you look back at the photos, you do feel wonderful that all these moments have been captured and they shall always remain with you in an album. Things which you do not even remember was there would come up in the photos and you are left staring... there are so many emotions which you see on the faces of people, those which you never saw on that day. 

The fun and frolic in the wedding when I look back it seems is to throw a shield over all the tension which surrounds it. Being a bride, and from the organising party of the wedding, you see the tension, the last minute arrangements, the caterer misunderstandings and flower errors. And when the groom party is from out of station, that opens up oh so many more avenues for details to be taken care of, and eventually some do manage to go astray. I am not sure if this is true with all, but eventually the tension does rub onto the bride and the happiness paired with organising tensions makes a complete combo of what the bride feels towards the last few 20 odd hours before the wedding. And me ... I did shed a few tears too with all the tension in the air! But, I think B was very supportive, not once did he lose his temper, very patient and getting things done by himself. 

Once the ceremony starts, everything starts to go about in a flurry and you do not kno when everything ended. I do not remember the beauty of the decorations or the flowers or any other arrangements which were made, but I remmeber my parents, their expression. I remember B and his happy smiling face.I remember my friends who thought it most important to be there on that day. I think when I look back, these are the small things which I shall remmeber and not all those things which I did fail to notice.

PS: January - February seem to be travel months for me... went to Kenya honeymooning (aaahhhh) and now have been to Hampi for the first time. And now in Feb I shall be heading to Bombay and Delhi too :) I am yet to do my travel posts on Kenya and Hampi... shall take a lil time but shall be up!


  1. Very well written.
    Nice reading this post. Good to know it from a person who has experienced it. Some of us are yet to go through this phase of life!!!

    Happy Married Life!!!! :)

  2. too much activity and unwanted attention is marriage... ! lol atleast thats how i looked at things...

    honeymoon in Kenya !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I m jealous.. !!!! pics pics pics... plese !!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope you did spot cheetah's !!!!!

  3. Our Kerala Nair weddings are quick and boring.

    Have fun with all the traveling.

  4. Woww! U make me J girl with all that mention of travel .. waiting for the travelogue :)
    Happy time :)

  5. I feel the bride and the groom get all the attention but still kind-of get neglected on the wedding day... in the sense that there is so much else going on, people meeting after ages, food being enjoyed, photographs of guests being taken ... :)

    I remember thinking it was a blessing to have close friends feeding, rearranging the flowers, the dress and the hair and generally hanging around!

    Kenya sounds amazing... look forward to the pictures and the post!!

  6. i am sooo happy for you, aathi!!! :) I look forward to the photos too!!

  7. Kerala Nair Wedding: One of my friends dropped his handkercheif and the wedding was over before he could pick it up :) that quick :)
    On a positive note wedding is the photo opportunity of a life time :)

    Wish you a very Happy Married Life!!!

  8. Oopsi...late comment..just read this one...what to say...i sort of went through all these emotions that you talk about and the crying part as well :P...but in the end things went past so fast that I didn't even realise it was over till i was sitting on the airport waiting for my flight to return to the white land...but, what mattered most was the get togethers...to be near to your family and friends whom you love and care for and to see they all are there for you and are sooooo happy to be there :D:D


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