January 29, 2010

I'm sorry Whisky

This is something which I wrote the day I went to drop Whisky back at CUPA. I just never ended up posting it, for reason unknown; but now that I read it, all these feelings came back and a helplessness envelops...

How I wished the sun would not rise today! How I wished I had a choice..Yesterday was one of the longest nights and I don't think I was this upset in the near future over anything.

I decided that this is the best option, and maybe she does need more space to move about than I am able to provide her, or I choose to console myself so. She won't be at home, waiting for the doorkeys to jingle and come running, she won't be there to play random feet snapping games, she won't be there to explore every new item which enters the house. I do not know whether she will like her new place, I do not know whether she will be happy with others like her, but that is where she came from, and that is where she has gone to. 

It was a decision based after a lot of thought, I thought, as  I watched her sleep yesterday night. I have packed and given along her toys and feeding bowls... I hope she wil remember me by them.. or maybe as they say... cats don't remmeber too much. I left her glow in the dark collar with the bell... the bell which I have become most accustomed to hearing. I don't know how it shall feel when I come back to this house with her not there anymore. 

I am already thinking whether I can go to meet her there, but even before that, I hope she will adjust and not miss the petting and cooing which I have always done. She is one spoilt cat... many have told me... but I did not mind that. I love her ... love her alot. The last time she was there, she was so distraight... well, she was in pain too. I pray that this time she shall adjust, coz I do not know what happens if she doesn't. She is quite scared of strangers, and takes her own time to come to you... but once she does she is playful. I do not want her to wait hopefully for me to come back for her, I already feel horrible, but if she does hope that... that would be it. I don't think I shall be able to forgive myself for the loving home which I have given her, and then taken it away from her.


  1. ohhhh hope whisky is ok and adjusts soon. So sad :(

  2. Oh hugs girl! Thatz a tough decision indeed :( Wish both of u get adjusted to it soon!


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