February 18, 2010

Kenya - Our stint with Nairobi

Kenya is a beautiful country, they have so many different terrains in the small area they cover, and being also a coastal country, the weather is almost temperate all through the year. Why did we choose to go to Kenya is a question which has been asked to us by so many people. I wonder why is it so difficult to associate it to a honeymoon, when a honeymoon  is anyhow said to come alive with the sounds of the jungle and that of crashing waves??

Nairobi is a city like many big cities of the world, has its own pockets of beauty and crime. We were told by the hotel staff not to venture out on foot after 5-6 in the evening, and to preferebly be as close as to the hotel as possible after sun down. 

We stayed at the Fairview, it was one of the most luxurious comfortable stays I have had in a long time! They have a huge area to walk, and set amidst the diplomatic area, the quiet and cleanliness does wonders to one's mood! They have a wine cellar which they give a tour of, and the food at the italian restaurant is to die for. And another detail not  to be missed is the Tusker beer, its a wonderful beer, the perfect bitterness and  all in all, I loved it! 

There is a walking safari to be done in Nairobi and also baby animal shelter... these were two places I so wanted to visit, but just could not make it too... we had very little time at Nairobi, and just ended up exploring the city and didn't have time to move beyond to these attractions. 


  1. Aww...lovely pics.. even I was surprised you chose Kenya..but seems like you had a great time and that's the only thing that matters. btw, you look adorable in that pic :-)

  2. hmm. would never have even thought of Nairobi as a honeymoon destination.. looks good though.
    You too make a cute couple.


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