November 17, 2009

Repeat Telecast

Ok, tell me somthing, how many times would you watch a movie? I am not talking about the ones which are all time favourites and you own DVDs of.. and not the latest release where you have to see it with family and friends.. but I am talking about the movies which keep repeat telecasting on Star Movies, HBO, Zee Pix,Star Gold and the like. I am a Tata sky customer, and I am thoroughly bored of seeing the same movies being repeated. I am just wondering, how difficult is it for them to change their movie lineup at least once a month! I am paying them for each channel, and I think many people should also be doing so, then why not have a change of movies every month. I have seen the same movies for ever, and at times in consecutive months too.

Another suprising fact is, I know many who would not mind seeing these movies 'n' number of times, and this is not for any particular movie, its is just about for anything which shall be coming on the channels around 8 PM to 12 AM. I just can not see the same movie or even program more than once, or maybe twice. If I see its some movie which I have seen, I immediately switch to any other channel, my favourites being Nat Geo, Animal Planet, NDTV Good times and Discovery Travel & Living. In fact, today morning, I saw a program called In the Womb - Cats. The cat family is quite remarkable. They have ears which help them balance themselves and always fall on their feet when under free fall. Yes, even I was surprised that those small wisps played such a key role in ensuring their nine lives! And, I always used to wonder how they have any use for their whiskers, and now I found out. They use the whiskers, which almost coincide with the width of their body, to determine whether they can pass through small spaces. So you will always see a cat putting its head into a small place to see whether their body shall be able to squeeze through. And these whiskers are set a good three layers below the skin so they even sense very small movements in the air around them. Cats, we all know have an exceptional hearing capability, and they can even hear ultrasonic, like bats, which help both in hunting jerry ( mice)! So thats all about cats for now folks!

Ta da!

PS: I saw Ek Ajab prem ki Gazab kahani,and I must saw that I liked it! Many gave me mixed reviews, but I think if you are in a light mood, its a good movie..though Katrina Kaif should really not be acting for sure! She looked dumb,in fact pretty and dumb.. or was that how she was supposed to act? I don't know..was that acting? I loved her clothes though! They look affordable, most importantly... and I am looking to figure out where to get my hands on some of those pretty summerish dresses!


  1. I can see repeat telecasts of a lot of matches !!!!!! :P :P :P

    and I can certainly see a lot of movies again and again..

    the list is too long...

    but RDB, Angoor, Golmaal, Chupke Chupke, Mere Apne, Satte pe Satta are a few to name here !!!

    I love watching nat-geo and discovery too !!!!!

  2. I don't like seeing movies again, unless I have not seen them like for 10 years. Even then I have a tendency to get bored. Anyway, the reason I think these channels don't show good movies is I am sure that it is something to do with their profits.

  3. I know!!! Same sad story here.. its always the same set of movies over the last 5 years!!! Good you gave that tip on Ajab...blah..blah.. I will see it too :-)


  4. I agree with Nita. I too don't revisit the same movies. Unless it is golden movies, like recently I watched Sholay again :D

  5. really the tv schedules are very boring!! same movies over n over again!

  6. May be they are repeating for viewers like those who wont see the full movie in one sitting..sometimes it takes three four times to finish a full movie...

    plus some movie like troy..i always end up seeing the same part i watched..looking to watch the initial part...


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