November 21, 2009

A little bit of me

I am a very possessive person, in fact I have always been that way. I like to keep those close to me, literally close to me, and I shall always strive to ensure that I make every effort towards it. Today, B is off for a fun drinking boys night out, and I pushed him towards it ( well, maybe he wanted to a lot himself too). He was meeting these guys after almost 2 months and I was sure he would love to go. But, he also knows how I would be bored and sitting staring ( or writing blogs) when he is gone. I am so proud of myself that I did finally give that last push and he decided to go for the get together. I bet he will enjoy alot... I mean don't guys and booze just spell out E-N-J-O-Y-M-E-N-T !!

Another thing which I wanted to put out there, a project my brother is working on, its a travel mug with replacable inserts. I think its cool, but then I am not much of a travel mug person. The inserts are washable, and it looks like something I would use if I drove to work, I guess thats the only time I might want to carry some coffee with me. But.. me and driving to work... I am sure that B would love to see that, and he would be even more thrilled if I would drive him around! He says he finds women who drive their men around.. HOT, and I think thats a ploy to get me to drive him around in the name of practice and obv to be HOT! ;)


  1. Oh I think I am extremely possessive abt my loved ones too ;)
    Hope he enjoyed the get-to!

    The travel mug sounds gud :) Gud luck to ur bro!

  2. every guy needs a guy time out!

  3. every guy needs a guy time out!

  4. Possessive I was too, but not so much anymore. Learnt a few lessons the hard way, so knew how to let go. Its nice that you pushed your fiance to go out and enjoy himself. Hope you didn't feel too bored :)

  5. Are u scorpion?

    Beyond a point, possessiveness will drive the other person mad..

    universal truth..wife can never drive with husband sitting next...r u an exception? time will tell..


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