November 26, 2009


Its been a year since Mumbai was under seige, and the citizens of this city rose up to fight and face danger bravely. We have not solved the mystery as to what happened at many points, and what went wrong to result in the bloodshed of 26/11.

Many might be responsible, far beyond those whose involvement have been brought to light. There are many to be held responsible for initiating and fuelling this terror attack, but not many of them have been brought under the noose of law. 

As we as a nation stand by Mumbaikars, we should be proud of the future Mumbai beholds. It has not fallen,as we have seen in the past year, but only risen and shall continue to rise in the coming years.

This is what Forbes says about Mumbai as the World Capital of the Future.


  1. Hmm thatz rt! It could not bring down the spirit of people! WTG Mumbai!

  2. Tributes to all those who laid down their lives to save Mumbai from the terrorists. Hats off to all Mumbaikars for withstanding the attack and coming back to life at such a fast pace.
    ... We do rise after a fall but the sad part is that we tend to forget that we are likely to fall again.
    ...Let us become part of the fight against terrorism by keeping our eyes and ears open.

  3. Mumbai does have a spirit of its own. You can truly feel it only when you have lived there. (I used to live there)


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