November 29, 2009

Ahhh... gifts!

Now, here comes the wedding and the wedding gifts! I have seen at all my cousin's weddings,where you get infinite items of no use, or if there are some items which you shall find some use for, then how many of the same item can you find uses for! So that leaves you with nothing to do but stack them all up safely into the loft and ensure that you remember to give it as gifts to well deserving people.

Now if I were to ask for some gifts, I think I would do a wonderful deal with it! In fact I thought of a wedding registry too, but the concept is so alien to India that I would just be wasting my time and with the end result being gifts stacked into said loft. In the search for so many things, I made a list of things which I wanted though alas, they shall not be featuring in any gift registry but shall just be my list to set up my home! 

A glass center table 

 and if you ask why glass and why not wood, I think my living room has loads of brown colour for it already to want anymore! 

Dining Table 

I love square dining tables, and I think they look very cool. No one is too far across the table and each person also has their own space to have a meal comfortably.

Bed - I thought alot whether you really need a King size bed! Wouldn't a queen do too? But one thing I do like is a headboard, and bedside tables, to make sure I can read whenever I want, propping a pillow up and turning the bedside lamp on. 

I feel this bed design makes it so much more easier to put the book aside and snuggle into bed too! And, its also got storage space! All in one!

Home theatre system

A Television could not wait, so we got that, and many times contemplated to get the home theatre system too but then, I guess it is never a good idea to rush into things.That non rushing attitude has dragged on till now, and here we are with as the best in the budget offer! 

We are big fans of sandwiches and we love to have a quick meal when we head back from a game of badminton, rather than have a full fledged meal. ( This is also beacuse I am lazy to cook, and sandwiches are 
filling, healthy and easy to make). 

I saw this lovely Morphy Richards sandwich maker. What more... they say they are the perfect gifts for your loved ones!

And now, since we are at Morphy Ricahards, I think I would love the Icon Essential Mixer Grinder too. And while we are at it, I think an Oven (OTG 18) would also be a good idea, but would I really do anything with it, maybe I can just wait and see. One can always console oneself with the idea, 'If I had it, I would have ....'

So now, lets exit the kitchen. I have been looking to get a wonderful bookshelf,some thing which I would just fall in love with on seeing. Neither have I seen something in real life like that, nor have I bought any bookshelf as yet. My quest continues, and here are some which I would positively love! 

And here are some swell magazine racks, I expecially liked the magazine baskets which are featured towards the end of the post. 

And it would be certainly lovely to get a home delivery surprise of this, this and this
And while we are at it... and if you are going to be Oh so generous... I shall be shameless and ask for this  too! ;)

There are also the lamps, rugs and vases which have been on my wishlist for long, and I guess a La -Z- boy  would also be very much welcome into our humble household!


  1. wow thats a brilliant list... even i had wondered at the time of wedding that whether i shld make one registry but then mom scolded me :)

    that morphy richards toast & grill is a great gadget i have it at home so I do have the morphy richards OTG and both of them are working well

    I love square dining tables too but alas the space in my house could accommodate only a rec one

    and thos book racks super cool

    all the best for the wedding may u get some of these gifts, how abt adding the blog url as a footer in the invite :P

  2. Wow! Supercool! I loveddd the book shelves esp. :)

    Gud luck :) May u get some of these atleast ;)

    Waise, we were happy the family and close friends asked us what we need :P So, the loft was not of much use ;)

  3. may u get all of these :D I love getting gifts!! :D new theme is wonderful!

  4. Good list..liked the book shelves...but taking these to US would cost a lot ask your guests to give cash only..

  5. Hope u get more of the gifts u desire rather than those useless casseroles and thermos flasks :-)

    All the very best!


  6. Lovely stuff!! I love a sturdy dining table to do everything on - leave the laptop on while cooking for example ... and read the newspaper on too... but it's difficult to find anybody who will know exactly what one wants...

    What do you think of Gift Vouchers? Like Landmark Gift Vouchers or Lifestyle ... we gave the first ones as birthday gifts to my kids friends and they generally came back to tell us which books/videos etc exactly did they buy.

  7. Aaah, you have such good taste in furniture , Aathira. I loved loved all the bookcases and the bed .. would love to get one of those bookcases myself :)

  8. Hmmm unwanted gifts for wedding? why not flog them in Ebay ?? Lovely blog design btw....

  9. Really? I'm amused.

  10. The bookracks were soooo cool!
    I totally agree with you on the registry thingy. Most of the gifts we receive get trashed or recycled anyway. Might as well make it clear what the couple needs so people can buy or pool in to buy!
    Happy wedding planning etc. Pics of your bridal wear please!!

  11. Nice list. I love the registry concept, though it is frowned upon in our culture :D

  12. If I were in TVM now, I would surely have attended.

    Wish you both a very happy married life!

  13. lovely list, A!! gift registeies just dont work in india.. i have a friend who just got married..she tried it and gave up after a few attempts... it simply dint work out!but i think the idea is great... u can plan ur new home so much btr that way!

  14. btw, i love the new look of ur blog!!

  15. Hi Aathira,

    Got your blog from the Best Indian Bloggers list. This post was really different and interesting. I especially liked the Sandwich maker and the book shelf.

    In Kerala, during weddings, it is a common scenario to get gifts in such a way that we land up stackig most of it in some corener of the house. For two people, who are gonna begin their life together, it is always useful to give gifts like these.

    Your blog is really interesting. Keep up the good work. Wish you a Happy Marrie Life.

    Do visit my blog and give me your comments at


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