June 13, 2008

Time to change

How right it is when amma (my mother) used to say that life as you get older gets only complicated and you should enjoy when you are a child. Then I wanted to grow up and become all ' big girl'. Now, I understand what she was trying to say, I respect her immensely for what she made me see in life, things which she taught me to be important and what would be needed for me as I was growing up.

Now that I am more on the path towards being grown up, I have started to see the different side of things, things which have been purely unknown to me and and now they seem to be revealing themselves. There are a lot many things which I need to understand, change and realize that I am not that kid which I used to be.

I just pray that I shall not slip en route the change.


  1. Amen!!!

    You are so right. Being a kid is the best part of life. Life was so simple then. And now, its so complicated and confusing. We have to think 100 times before we make a decision.

    I wish I was a kid again.

  2. lovely one there... I'd be repeating words if i said things actually get complicated when you grow up.... But change is constant... and if there was any way one could reverse the process believe the whole world would be jumping at the opportunity..

  3. thoughtful...one of my favourite quotes from Calvin and Hobbes describes it perfectly...
    "unless your knees are green every evening, you ought to seriously re-examine your life".
    Good job.
    scribblers inc.

  4. You won't slip. And even if you did, you'd be able to get back on your feet again - that also comes when we grow up (supposedly).
    I always wanted to grow up when I was a child and I was happier in my adolescence but I didn't understand the responsability of having to take your life in your own hands. It is tough...

  5. Lijy: The fact is that I have always never ever thought of the many things which I should ideally think of and now I think I need to before I start hurting people.

    Swayam: I so agree

    scribblers inc: I need to seriously re-examine my life in that case !

    devil mood: Haven't slipped yet but the road ahead doesn't seem to end... I know it wont... once changes forever changed !

  6. You are so right..wisdom comes with age and it is with that,we realise that our parents were actually right all along!..at least in many ways.

    this 'life' thing..it's great isn't it?

  7. Soooooo agree with u... As i watch my children grow up every day, I am doing exactly what ur amma used to do... Try and explain to them that growing up will happen eventually.. But they are in such a hurry...my daughter is eight and she wants to wear gloss when she goes out, she wants long hair like movie stars and junk jewelery... Gosh.... I do explain things to her but she is in a hurry to 'grow up'...

  8. Niall : I so agree with you, but the you live life in one cycle alone alas !

    Ritu : I somehow still believe there is still a lot of fun in looking back and realizing what you felt then and now!


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