June 28, 2008

Where are the clothes?

I have noticed that however I seem to be at a drive to increase my wardrobe, there always seems to be a dearth of appealing items for me to pick off the rack. I go, search, and head back home with as few as 1 or if lucky 2 items from my almost close to 4 hours of attempt at shopping. I am certain many would say women are just too finicky but that is not true, I have seen that I tend to see so many clothes at so many places when I am not looking for them or else am practically broke!

I so hate it when I so need something and then nothing ever shows up, hence leaving me no choice but to wear something which given a choice I wouldn’t have preferred to wear to the same occasion. Eventually, I have noticed that I always end up having to buy clothes when I need to replace the ones which I will be throwing out the following weekend. How then do I ever succeed in growing my wardrobe? When I look at all the options which one has outside of India, the shopping facilities which exist, especially the option of shopping online when the sales are on, is what I believe helps in growing and having an extensive wardrobe. Why is it not possible to have such options in India? How many of us want that the merchandise bought over the internet can be assured of their quality? But we never have that assurance do we?

Well, now I have a reason to blame someone other than myself about the problems I seem to continuously keep facing with regard to my wardrobe.


  1. ohh how I wish i could do my own shopping with my 'own' money...for mom wants me to always mmake do... according to her I seeem to be having a humungous amount of raiments all ready to drape me.. :)

  2. I am so glad Amma never ever says that to me In fact she says you never have anything decent to wear


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