December 16, 2013

Is it the season or just the end to another year? #MB2013

I have been trying to get myself into many things this month, and have not been too good at keeping up with it, but that is not preventing me from going on with my list of to-do stuff, which seems to have legs of its own!

Being part of a marathon bloggers group, aiming to blog every single day, which is certainly not happening. But, I am trying to keep it a little regular with at least 4 blogs a week, if not 7! I thought the photo posts would make things easier, but I realized, that is also something which still takes time on a daily basis. I must dig some of the pictures which I have. Some which were taken long back all the way in 2003/2004. The pictures would be of a different feel, but that would make things interesting right? So, that shall be coming up soon!

Also, this month, I am going to be a Secret Santa to someone. Love surprise gifts, and if I can go and shop for a person who I have not met... this is going to be fun! It is going to be something which will make things very interesting. Its going to be busy too with gifts to be send out in the next 3-4 days so that they reach on time in this peak gifting season!

But, nevertheless, I think I am happy pushing in all this positivity in me :)

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  1. Secret Santa is fun :D All the best for all that you have planned Aathira!


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