December 18, 2013

Captain Phillips #MB2013

Would I call this a review? Not really. I am not going to say what I liked or did not. I enjoyed the movie and the thoughts being fresh in my head, I thought this is something I want to put down.

Captain Phillips 

When I started watching the movie, I just knew that there was a ship which was hijacked ( had read it in the papers too) and the captain was eventually saved by the US Marines. This movie was based on the Captain's experience and also to show the adept, great work the US Marines did. These where the thoughts I started off with, and boy was I in for a surprise.

As the movie pans out, all I was thinking was what would the kind of fear these men must be facing. When you think of pirates, you think destruction, heartless and out to kill. That is the image I believe has been portrayed by far too many Hollywood movies. Here too there is shouting, and 'incite fear in them' attitude and a belief that being the only gun wielding folks, gives them every right to succeed in their plan. I can imagine the nature of talks, or rather pep talks given by the 'elders' to motivate the youngsters, some as young at 16/17, to join and show their mettle.

These pirates, the young blood, each trying to prove their worth, have conflicting views on what should be done, but we see how a trained specialist can break them down. Break into their hierarchy and make them start fending for themselves. How some are not conditioned well enough to give up their lives completely in view of their cause.

In the last half hour of the movie, one sees the fear and helplessness which engulfs a person, when faced with tragedy in your face. How hope starts to wade out of your self, even the strongest people out there do finally start breaking down. .

Death is something many claim they are not afraid of, but what about those last minute things which you would want to tell your family, things which you did not get a chance to ever voice?

What if you are plucked off the surface of this earth without your mental consent? This is what we see and how such a situation has a grown man gasping and shocked, beyond anything he has ever experienced ever.

One movie I would recommend to watch for everyone.
Rating: 5/5


  1. Wow, sounds like a movie I would enjoy! A pit I chose Gravity over this one. Major repentance. :/


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