November 10, 2011

Working with my hands

Oh am I not glad to be working on some crochet after ages. I have been looking for yarn and finally got it through a friend who went for work to US. I do really believe that India does not have great yarn with different textures and wonderful colours. They are just boring and all the yarn is the simple DK, worsted kinds. 

I have been wanting to make a sweater for Tee, and finally found a great pattern for her sweater at Crochet me. In case you have not been able to open the link, then the name of the pattern is " Baby its cold outside' .. isn't that like a super cute name for the sweater itself :) 

I have some mow yarn which I asked my friend to get… in fact I think I did ask her to get a lot of yarn… its so horrible that you not get yarn here ( I repeat myself ) .Anyhow, I have another pattern also which I will be making for Tee, maybe after this immediately or maybe after some time… before I attend a wedding in cold chilly Chandigarh in January. 

Here is a picture of what I have done till now. Its not a lot, the pattern says I should take like 3-4 hours to make it. which I agree with, just that I do not have 3-4 uninterrupted hours! 

Does anyone else do Crochet? 


  1. nope ;(

    except the ones we did in school for our SUPW classes which i don't think counts anyways

    eager to see how this one turns out & yes, cute name that is - baby its cold outside

  2. You going to chandigarh wowo .. my city HAVE fun and enjoyyyyy ...

    and i dont need to click the link I dont do it he he hehe :)


  3. Arreeyyy!! You get good yarn in North India...My mum used to knit...I did get lots of variety in London which I had never seen before so, errr may be you are right :( its a shame given that the ones we get in US/UK is imported from India...

    I can only knit scarfs :D

    Do you follow or read Pradeepa? The lazy hobby hopper? She is awesome with all such stuff....

  4. @Sujatha : Will post the completed project pics :)

    @Bikram: Yups... Chd it is in Jan. COld cold... right? But, I love the city... so clean and so organized.

    @The BluntBlogger: I agree you get good yarn... but types of yarn is just not avail... :( Like I am using a Home spun yarn with a slight sheen... just not available in India ! I should look up Pradeepa... I have never visited her blog. Will do right now.

  5. Oh that is a really cute name for the pattern!
    And u r so gud at this.
    I so wanna learn crochet soon.

  6. Oh great! You make sweaters? Many people have asked me whether I make sweaters. No, I don't think I could ever. I tried making mittens for my kid. It didn't turn out right even after several attemps. Now I am trying to make a cap. I think it is progressing fine. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. You crochet! that is SO COOL! My grandmother used to crochet.. but I never learnt it from her. Do you also knit?

  8. @Swaram: Crochet is real simple... and quick too!

    @Pradeepa: Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

    @Mandira: :) No knitting for me.... its very slow me think!


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