November 20, 2011

Why females?

Shail of Shail's nest shared a link on Facebook, a blogpost at Gender Bytes, and on reading it, it did set me thinking. If education and economics are not the reason for this incessant purging of females, then what is? Is it a feeling of responsibility, or is it the expense factor which eats them up?

Does a parents not feel any responsibility towards a son? They do not care what happens to him? Why is it so different for a girl? I feel the entire family respect which lies on the feet of a girl is where no family is ready to take on the responsibility and stand up for the girl to do as they please. I think the same stigma is attached to even homosexuals. A son, who is a homosexual is also seen in the same light, as per me, tarnishing their ever great family respect. But, the forever yearning for a son will never change, however wonderful and successful a daughter they have.

Then comes the expense of a girl, predominantly speaking, its not her education which matters to them, rather it is the dowry and wedding expenditure which swoons in front of their eyes. But, why do they forget that they themselves are the reason for this stupendous expense. There are communities int he world where a marriage/ wedding is taken up as the responsibility of the couple at hand, not the parents. The expenses are shared between the to-be-couple, and both parents contribute a small amount what they see fit for the occasion. I think this in a way helps to eliminate the prejudice against a girl child. But, this kind of responsibility can be handed over to the bride and groom, only if the parents see their children as adults who can take decisions and organize to their liking.

So where does the problem truly lie?

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  1. I cannot fathom how it becomes okay for some parents to kill a child because of its gender. Look at the level of conditioning! We are nothing but barbarians posing as civilized people I feel.

  2. I think dowry and daughters being regarded as not a source of income in the long run are the main reasons behind this social evil.


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