October 28, 2011

A (bride) woman for 30,000 rupees

Violence against women has opened my eyes to the unthought acts of violence against women by human beings. One of the posts had caught my attention then, and I was also looking at the possible reasons behind why this is something which is resorted to. Why violence against women? Is it because women are seen as weak, easy to overpower...

Quoting a price for a woman, to sleep with, or to marry is I believe certainly a violence. A violence against women and human beings. Being a commodity and having no value for one and being compared to livestock is certainly a emotional violence as per me. 

As I researched about this, I came across many videos on Youtube, and I realized that violence against women is a major concern in most developing economies, but when it comes to female infanticide, I am not sure any country has seen the kind of numbers that India has been seeing in these years. And after female infanticide, men have the spine to go to other communities, where girls are not seen as as an fetus to destroy, and buy brides for themselves when it comes to satisfying their carnal pleasures and to ensure a progeny. Why don't these men resort to satisfying each other, as its a choice their kind made to eliminate females as they seemed to be a waste of time, a burden and so on. 

I think no community should sell their daughters to anyone for money. But, whom am I saying this to. A parent might think that, it would be a better option to give their daughter to another community as a wife, than sell her to prostitution. That it what I think would be the thinking when money is the most important necessity for many. It is difficult to understand the mentality, when we are not in that kind of a situation. 

I frankly do not know what is the solution to this.


  1. Violence to women lies in each and every thing that happens in this world! Be it selling them like meat or cutting like meat in the case of FGM or butchering them by raping :| I bet we would have been better w/o men...bring human cloning and abolish all the men...!

  2. yes it is .. but i hear its become common in india to BUY a bride .. because of all female feoticide ratio has gone down ...
    and 30,000 is too much in some case i hear.

    god knows whats going to happen


  3. Yes it exists in many parts of the world but in India it's at a rate and ratio which is quite alarming! I have heard of such ugly real live forms of violence against women, they being sold as commodities or barbaric treatments against them that it makes me wonder if we really belong to so called human community??? A topic which always makes me disturbed and full of unexplainable sorrow and rage...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  4. Gosh! That is scary, to say the least. I wish we could just be more sensible and stop discriminating against girls. This is still very much a male dominated society and it is going to take time to get out of this.


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