April 27, 2011

The wait...

So this is what it feels like waiting with bated breath! I do not think I was so impatient regarding anything in my life till date. I would not say its impatience, I think its also the boredom and the length of the same situation getting to me now. I am looking for a change, and a good change at that too. 

Everyone says that its a big change up ahead for me, and whatever I might read up or know from others, its something to be experienced and can be known to its full extent only through experience. I completely agree with this, but anyhow I am doing my prep as much as possible. 

Once I consider the changes up in front, the next main aspect I am very concerned about is getting back into shape. I am very panicky on this front, as being at home would mean that I would be made to eat a lot of things in the pretext of it reaching the baby. I do not want to unnecessarily eat and gain weight, but want to be conscious about my diet. I feel that if your skin and body is not put under a toning program immediately, things might not be that easy. I guess not too immediately, but then maybe in a  month or two.. thats all the time I am willing to give my body to rest and recuperate. Again, these are the plans… time will tell what shall happen to these above said plans. 


  1. A new baby.. how exciting.. I'm happy for you! My sister had her baby just over a year ago and is still in a world of chaos, trying to get her life back in order.. but her life changed for the better.. made her so happy.. I wish the same for you.. all the best to you and you new baby. xo

  2. You're expecting? Wow! Congratulations! Just relax and eat healthy. Ignore all the old wives' tales about loading up on fats. Get enough calcium - curds and buttermilk are easier to digest that milk. Lots of salads and veggies. Nuts - especially almonds.


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