April 22, 2011

Moving along....

I have been sitting with a blank page in front of me for over an hour now. In between all that, I have been talking to people… browsing the web n such. But, what i have been trying to write down is what I feel now as I wait impatiently for the next phase. The docs have been saying anytime… and I also seem to sit and wait for that anytime to arrive. Aches and pains have become a part of routine, but nothing which I would really report to anyone as something to worry about. 

Last week, there was a bout of great backache and aches to the extend that I had difficulty bending to pick anything up. This was something I was wary of, but then it did disappear of tone down to more bearable stuff through the next few days. So now, again I am not sure what is bound to happen when. Those pains are engagement pains as per docs so nothing to worry about. But, I know that my tummy as settled down a great deal, and the baby is also quite a bit on its way down. So, that also makes me wonder how much more time before something is up….

Here is a recent pic … 


  1. Awww I simple adore bumps :-) Good luck, Aathira, for a smooth and safe delivery. I'm sure you know already but when you have to bend down, please try to squat mid-way rather than just bend over, as that is way safer. And keep active, you'll be just fine :-)
    Btw, girl, you look gorgeous :-) :-)

  2. I love bump pics!

    So soon! :)

  3. @Jidhu Jose: Yups... footballer

    @writerzblock: I am trying to keep as active as possible.. but then not too possible.. when everyone is just keen on making sit quietly indoors! I do not understand why!

    @Dee: Yups :) :)


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