April 12, 2011

Something new...

My doc visit yesterday had been most interesting. For the first time i've been asked to not to put on weight!! Till this 9th month, I've been asked to eat so that the baby gains weight, and 2 weeks with my mom and I have gained 4 kgs. The main reason as I see it is that I have increased my rice intake by almost 3 fold. I have dosa/ idli for bfast, rice for lunch and the dinner is usually trying to finish leftovers from breakfast. And added to this, I do not have the same activity level which I did. Everyone keeps fussing for no reason and then I am not allowed to do anything which I would otherwise normally do. 

When at Bangalore, it was rice maybe once in a few days, and now here its almost thrice! I guess nothing surprising that I have gained 4 kgs so quickly. Now the question is how do I keep a track on the wt, and not have a big baby. I am not sure how much having a small baby will help in a normal delivery, but why not try from my end. 


  1. Okay, lecture time :). Elders around us mistakenly tell us to eat for two which is a myth. Though, you could be guiltfree in indulging into real and imaginary cravings just now, remember that gaining too much weight could lead to a difficult delivery. I hope that you are a member of a site like babycenter.com -- they give great updates. Try to eat balanced and don't overdo any food group. Remember that the more excess weight you gain, the more tough it is to shed it later. Eat sensibly and do enjoy this period but don't overeat. Keep a weighing machine at home. That will keep you on your toes a;).

  2. Oh you're having a baby - how did I miss that? Congratulations! :)

  3. its all well..just eat whatever u feel like and its okay to gain some extra kilos...whatever has to happen to the baby's weight will any way happen...just stop worrying:)
    As for your weight have a healthy diet - as many fruitsand juices as possible :)

  4. So close already :) Hw sweet.

  5. OMG!! Aathira, I've been away from your blog for so long, that I didn't even know this fantastic news about your pregnancy!!! I remember the blog post you had done when you got married, with beautiful pictures and all!!! Wow!!! Time does fly!!!

    Congrats, dear. Very very happy for you.

    As for the weight gain thingy, please BE AS ACTIVE AS YOU CAN. People in India usually fuss over nothing, and tell the mom-to-be not to walk/exercise/etc etc, but please, do your daily walking or prenatal exercises and keep fit. That is the best way to have a smooth delivery!!

    All the best, dear!!!


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