January 28, 2011

Urban Shots

Urban shots is a collection of short stories from upcoming Indian authors and a fair number of bloggers too are amongst them. I picked up this book, after reading the review on Monika's World, around the time when I was looking for a good suggestion on short stories. I find short stories easy to read when on short trips, like the many I have been in the near past. 

The book is divided into 5 major categories - Friendship, Love, Angst, Longing and Relationships, and I must admit that each section has at least one story which I thoroughly enjoyed. But, I must say that being short stories helped a lot, as if any of them would have been a full fledged novel in the same tone, I am sure I would have not been too pleased. I felt the tone and writing style was very apt for short stories, and the authors have done a great job in weaving great plots together in a few pages. There is a story in there for everyone, be it a complete romantic at heart, an animal lover, or the ones who love the family drama. 

Having said the good about the book, I have to say that, there were some stories, which felt very much in line with the current Bollywood era and the lifestyle.. and I guess they were trying to portray the today's generation. But, I am not too sure whether I enjoyed any of the such stories. I felt those are the things which we see around ourselves too much, and it being put on paper, was just another repetition. 

All the stories nevertheless are very quick reads and on moving from one to another, the stark difference in plots makes for a fresh start and a jump start to one's senses too. Overall I would say that this book is different in being of the present Indian outlook, and also what concerns with most of us at some point of time in life. Though I must also add that its not a book which I would re read, or remember give or take a few months… but then such books do come by also quite rarely.

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