January 4, 2011


I liked Calcutta for a variety of reasons. I think its a great place in terms of not seeing the usual sky scrappers and new buildings. You get to see the city through the years as you walk/ drive through this city. Many cities in India do not retain their old world charm and I think this is one of the few cities which has managed to do so... at least from the ones which I have seen. Went there in December... and this is  real late post for it :(

I did not do too many touristy stuff in Calcutta, but I guess I had loads of fun being there for a family function... I also did have my share of authentic Bengali cuisine!

On the Hoogli river

The chinese fish at China Town :)

At the Jal muri stall at Park Street

Enjoying a Puchka ... totally!

And thats what the puchka looked like!


  1. Calcutta is in my must visit places... I have heard there is a charm to the city

  2. And next time youre in Cal let me know :)


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