January 13, 2011

Kuwait - My home

I think when you think of home, the two things which come to one's mind is where one's parents are, and next, where they would have spend a considerable amount of their childhood.And for me home which I associated till now was Kuwait. I have always felt Kuwait to be my home since my childhood. Started schooling in Kuwait, and finished with schooling there. Born in India, but brought up in Kuwait… that's what truly is me. This new year I spent with my parents and it was the way I remember it during my childhood days, except the kids were not there now.. and all the parents were left behind in the same setting. My parents will be winding up and moving back to India, which means this trip of mine might just be the last one to Kuwait; I do not think I will be staying at the house which I used to call home till now even if I do visit Kuwait anytime ever again in the future.  This trip to Kuwait has been one to relieve many places and things which I used to do as a school going girl… and I am glad I have a fresh memory to live by for a long time. 

The feeling is not nice, but then maybe I think I might just start finally seeing our house in India as home… and India as the country where I will be settling. Settling might be too early to tell, but then home would now be shifted to India and cease to be Kuwait, once my parents shift base. I have been reading Urban Shots, and some of the stories struck a cord with my feelings and the attachment I feel to my home.


  1. sorry to hear that. I hope you do come to terms with this new home. I haven't been able to. My parents moved 4 years ago and I never felt home at this new place. But I had other mitigating factors too...

  2. Richa: I do not think one can do much when the place we went to school and spent most of our childhood has suddenly no reason to go back to anymore...


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