October 22, 2010

Unadulterated Rambling

When I have time on my hand, I write. And, when there are a lot of things on my mind, then getting work done becomes a far stretch from reality. I am sure B will say that getting any work done is always a far stretch from reality for me. I am inherently lazy, I want to and wish to do many things, but I am not sure how many I have eventually got down to trying my hand at.

There are some people who try to keep themselves occupied when disturbed by anything, but me on the contrary, I tend to ponder , think, fret and fume and waste a lot of time introspecting. Is all this time wasted, accounted for with a eye opening revelation, or a great decision which I made? In most of my past experiences, I do not think so.

Decisions which I take happen to be either driven by my less understanding of the situation, a wrong image which was given to me or maybe a wrong perception on my end. This might make it sound like I have never made any good decision in my life which I value. That is not true, what I say here is mostly on the professional front. All the decisions which I have made in my personal life which have not ever been attributed to anyone else but my liking, have always been to my complete liking.

Why all this rambling on the blog? I am again at that point, where I need to make a decision, again about my professional life, and all this I hope shall help me make that decision.

PS: I was just looking at my posts in this month, the titles ( to the right) and all I see is confusion, rants and what not :(


  1. I have no words of wisdom, but I sure can Sigh aloud with you, if that helps!!! SIGGHHHH!!!

  2. came from the mfa blog.wll u be applying?


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