October 11, 2010

Gifts and rant

I have been thinking of why is it so difficult for some people to get gifts properly.  What I mean to say is, why don't they for once think about who they are getting it for, and get what that person would like. I agree that if you are not very close, generic items are a better bet, but even then, why not non tacky, non rainbow coloured stuff! And why would you buy these tacky stuff for anyone?

I like to put an effort into getting someone a gift. I am not the kind of person who can not just hand over things which are lying around in the house, unless its a great emergency! Even if I have to get something standard, I rather get that thing for the person than hand over something lying around uselessly. I know many might say, whats useless for you, might be great for someone else, but unless I am cent percent sure of that, I don't think I will feel fine handing over something I already have.

On a completely different note, I am contemplating leaving the corporate world and doing something on my own. I am scared whether I will be able to do it, and moreover the starting something by yourself responsibility is also kinda freaking me out. Frankly speaking, I think its just this job which is driving me nuts, but I am super pained by the way my day pans out. 

Have a look below and tell me if its worth it.
Get ready for work, pack lunch
9:45 - Leave the house
10: 40 - Pick cab mates from Indira Nagar
11:15 - Reach Office
........... skip the work crap and move to end of day
7:00 - Check when cab mates will be done with work to leave. We are supposed to leave at 7:30 and wait for 30 mins in case someone is delayed ( In most probable cases the answer would be 7:30 / 7:40)
7:30 - Check again with cab mates if they are done. ( Answer to which would be 5/ 10 mins more )
7:45 - Check yet again with cab mates and by now tired and irritated. ( Another 5/ 10 mins) 
8:00 - Finally leave!
8:25 - Cab mates get dropped off at Indira Nagar
9:15 - I finally step off the stupid cab.

Now someone please explain to me why is it that I am picked up first but dropped last. Also, why are some people always late! 3/5 days every week I reach home at 9:15 - 9:30 and what a time is that to get home and make dinner! I know my husband is super understanding, but I know his patience will run out one day, and I do not want that happening. 

I don't think its worth it, do you?


  1. Good idea to start something your own. Have a break, plan it out then start.

  2. Dear girl, don't do anything in haste. Instead of quitting your job, can you not start something parallely, like working on it in the weekends. I have a friend, who planned his enterprise over a period of 3 years, while working in a 9-5 (er,9-7 or 8) job :-) and when he finally broke off, it was a major hit.
    As for people being late, they are always insensitive. And time is something we Indians don't care about. Especially when it comes to 'the other person' we take the cake for insensitivity!!! Can't you just get a cab for yourself? Atleast you'll save time and effort!!

  3. U live in Bangalore? How come I never noticed that? How come we haven't met yet!?!?

    On another note, if you guys are in a financially stable place and u have the time & effort to put to ur venture, what's the harm in trying to start something on ur own?

    Best of luck!

  4. if you startup something you still would have no time. You will either be working up to your ears to make it a financial success or if not that you will be so passionate about the idea that you will not be able to set the work aside to be free early (and if not this as well, then is there any point of starting up at all?? :)

    Why dont u get your own transport or is bangalore traffic that bad?

  5. Totally with u on the gifts part too. I am extra concerned abt what mite be useful to ppl and also consider their tastes if I know of them.

    My sister faces the same problem too and is totally pissed off. Ppl do respect time and thatz really bad :(
    Give urself some time and if u feel u really wanna do something else, go for it.

    Though, don't get such things get to u.

  6. Most of us except on few occassions give gift as a ritual...so we dont take care..

    Even if i am not able to use the gift, i am happy if they are recyclable...

    Any chance to move your house near your workplace? what is the option of changing job where you spend less time commuting...

    start your own venture- the reason should be passion and not to escape travel...

    One great advantage in your own venture is -- you will be able to devote more time to your family, specially when you start having kids--the sch you described will really kill with kids around..

  7. Ranjan: I have an idea, its a long shot with me taking some classes and all too, but I just need to be real sure.

    writerzblock: I really do not think I have ever any time after getting home, getting dinner fixed and then having it. My weekends too in fact go in the I will not do anything but vegetate mode! :(

    Dee: I can quit and do what I want, but without a plan I do not want to quit. I just feel that I should know what is my next step.

    Vikas Bangalore traffic is just crazy and to top it I live 15 kms away from office! Alternative for me is to find a job closer to home, and then drive.

    Swaram: It happens almost every day man, unless I am going alone in the cab. Its been 6 months of the same thing and I am just running out of my patience.

    Sunder: I am thinking job closer to home rather than moving houses. I love my home too much and I do not think this job is so awesome for me to pick up and move.

  8. Hey, it is a great idea to do something of your own. And, your routine really sucked, but I assume that things are under control for you now. I, myself enjoy, working flexibly so would highly recommend it. I hope that your Goa vacation is going great.


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