May 31, 2010

Child brides of Afghanistan

Here is the video released by the Human Rights Commission after the government has not be able to do anything worthwhile or take any action against these criminals. 
"I was shocked when I watched the video," said Mohammed Munir Khashi, an investigator with the commission. "I thought in the 21st century such a criminal incident could not happen in our country. It’s inhuman, anti-Islam and illegal."

If an investigator thinks that this is the first time it is happening, I am not sure what he is investigating! Why does he think the policemen at Herat return these two girls to be hands of the waiting warlord? Did they think they were doing something completely human, or completely in line with Islam preachings?

And now it seems there is another option too to threaten these girls with - forcing them to be suicide bombers

Sumbol, 17, a Pashtun girl, said she was kidnapped and taken to Jalalabad, then given a choice: marry her tormentor, or become a suicide bomber. “He said, ‘If you don’t marry me I will put a bomb on your body and send you to the police station,’ ” Sumbol said.
Forced marriage of Afghan girls is not limited to remote rural areas. In Herat city, a Unicef-financed women’s shelter run by an Afghan group, the Voice of Women Organization, shelters as many as 60 girls who have fled child marriages.  


  1. The last ten yrs, we see tremendrous development world wide, ...but has these developments penetarted to the entire region?

    Not sure? do u think a person living in mumbai and person living in a remote vilage in tamil nadu or karnataka have same level of put it simply, lot of villages are still primitive..both in facilities and culture...

    It will take more time for war ridden countries like afghan to have modern thoughts...

    plus why go sofar..yesterday news, a girl from chennai eng college commited suicide, because she was censured for talking to boys....hmm if this is the case at chennai supposedly at an engg college, what cud be in remote villages....

  2. Shockingly evident in this era :(


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