November 5, 2007

Are cats truly as intelligent as dogs?

I personally do not know when i will stop this comparison, as anyone who i talk to has just one piece of advice for me ( me being the forever dog lover) " Do not compare a cat to a dog!" An in fact thats what i inevitably do almost everyday, maybe not out aloud but i do start to think of the various differences. Cats have a many strange moods i have noticed, something varying from docile to violent. They are times when Whisky just jumps around and happens to target my feet or hands as her enemy. I have no clue why thats true! And many a times, its just the fun in jumping and attacking a moving object, with no true intention of attack in the true sense of the word. Well... i haven't seen many dogs do this routine! But i have noticed that they also do not tend to bite and lash out in the same tone as a dog does when it is angry. Maybe the size would matter in this case to a large extend, which is why they do not make a very strong attempt at attacking.

Eventually one thing i have noticed is that by the end of the day, irrespective of how they have behaved, they still wish to cuddle up on your lap and fal asleep, which is something i haven't seen in dogs. Dogs tend to be fine sleeping by themselves in some corner, but cats on the other hand seem to need a cozy safe place to sleep. This leads me to question whether they do remember what all they did through the day?


  1. Why would you use 'it' for the cats and the dogs!! And I thought you probably love animals!!

  2. I am truly an animal lover, this just shows i am not totally attached to a cat as of now :)

  3. dogs are smarter... they can kill you. the cat can't... it will just eat you once you are dead :)

  4. I had a gut feeling that you would mention this !


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