October 31, 2007

Whisky !

Hadn’t it been for the possibility of adoption, I do not know where I would have got a 2 month old kitten from! Something which initially started with my wanting for a pet pup has now ended with a kitten. I am not complaining as I am quite happy with her pranks and climbing on me too. I would have been more comfortable with a pup as I would have known what he would expect but here it’s a study which I will also be partaking to understand the feline species in greater detail. They are said to be very socializing and receptive to human beings ( as I have extensively read ), till now I do stand by this as the way I have seen her interacting with people around has been quite impressive.

One thing I do realize now is that cats are very intelligent; I have always been a very strong believer that dogs are the most intelligent, but now I suppose I can differ a little from that. My 2 month old kitten, Whisky has been very easily house broken, and she understands what’s the right and wrong. Having experience with dogs and rabbits, I had strong reasons to believe that dogs would certainly rule the intelligence category and I guess to an extend, I do believe that even now. Whisky is certainly quite intelligent but it’s yet to be seen with age how she develops in comparison to a pup. I somehow believe that I shall be right in my assumption that dogs do rule the intelligence cadre, but I am certainly ready to keep an open mind to see how Whisky grows up to be !

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