October 27, 2007


Something has got me thinking, at times it is said that work should be work; play should be kept part for the well being of both, and there are also other times when play and work should be mixed as a few say. I am sure there are many reasons that either of the sides have, to stand by what they believe to be the right methodology of handling matter. I sometimes think whether we tend to misuse the liberty we get, is it that something which human beings are bound to do. Or is it that the liberty that we wish to hold in our hands will never reach our hands; the very concept of work will not enable us to have these things in our purview. It results in a conflict when its said that there will be a freedom of work style and yet there are some boundaries which are defined within which alone this freedom is allowed to open its wings to the fullest.

At one end I feel, I should maybe try to maintain a different style in work and play. I believe that alone maybe the result which may solve the issue at hand. That way I shall always be not looking to have the freedom. Then why give the pretence of freedom and then follow it by not living up to the expectation! So, all in all I believe having low expectation is the key to having your way, you way being a small one is easily met with also. This may even be seen as a non solving methodology which I have employed so that I shall be not left with a situation without an answer to my query.

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  1. I totally understand what u are trying to convey. Kudos to you for making the team what Tarun and You have, i can understand the freedom part and i guess u ppl utilize it to the best affect.

    Ummm personally speaking i dun play that much (:D) In Office... But u know it all how we work... We are crazy bunch of people... But we still have time for fun. The crux is enjoyment, and thats a need of human and he deserves that.

    Having less expectation... Ummm... I can relate to it cuz thats what i do in my personal life. But that doesnt solve the problem... it just delays the affect... :)


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