March 17, 2014

Child brides of Yemen

Child brides don't talk about it, but they suffer. A recent study in Yemen has shown that girls who have their rights taken from them in this way do not forgive their parents, and there is a breakdown of family relationships.
Back in 2010, I had come across a video on child brides of Afghanistan. And now, in 2014, things do not look very different. Why are these young girls, some even as young as 10 years forced into marrying men who are old and sometimes as old as their grandfathers!

Is this a way to ensure the women in the society do not ever gain independence, do not ever speak up in front of the men. I am sure that such small children are so scared of these men that they are forever silenced from voicing their opinion. Here is a voice of one odd woman, a doctor, on the child brides of Yemen.

...... girls under 15 are five times more likely to die giving birth.
But, who cares, right? Who bothers about their safety!

Too often girls have no voice, no choice, no access.


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