March 10, 2014

Caring through the day

When T was 2 I decided that I wanted to get back to work, and this involved going through many schools hunting down a day care which suited my needs. I did not know whether this was what I wanted for her, but I had gotten to a point where I did not know what I would do with a toddler who wanted to get out and do stuff, but I was a mom who loved my peace and quiet.

Now, its close to a year when T has been in day care and as I look back, one of the outcomes which I see is that she has certainly grown up with a wide range of activities which she has been exposed to, but she has also been exposed to many things which bigger children do, and she is merely copying them. I have also seen many characteristics which were not there a few months back and have suddenly started to emerge. Is this the 3 year old thing, or are these things which she is picking up now with school and she is at a more impressionable age.

I have had my share of issues with T picking up words and things from other kids at day care. But that is something which I had made my peace with, and now I see the stubborn, bratty behaviour and I am a little worried. Maybe a little more patience on my side is also needed. As she grows up and has her own way with things, I need to let things go a little and not control too much. I guess I should also be accustomed to be a guide not an enforcer. I keep reading about bringing in good characteristics and values, and at times I do tend to feel I am nit making the mark.

A long way ahead, and now the journey begins, as I talk to this individual who has a say in everything.


  1. I guess it is a 3 year old thing Aathira. I am going through the same phase with Vivaan though I am with him at home the whole day !

  2. I hope so... things are getting more difficult. But, at times I think I should back off too... she does have her own view point now! CONFUSING!


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