January 17, 2014

What have you been reading?

A Kindle does make reading so much simpler.I did not buy it at the start, but once I started to use it, I know now I do prefer to buy books on the kindle and take books from the library!
  1. You have access to so many books which else you need to go hunting for.
  2. The reading process is simple where I lie in any which position which suits me, and I do not have to bother with holding the pages of the book in place or having T pulling out the bookmarks and me re-reading pages to figure exactly where I left off.
B gifted me the kindle in August for my birthday, but I already had so many books otherwise that I ended up reading them first before venturing onto the kindle because I thought once there I might not want to pick up the paperback books again.
  1. Its not true that the kindle can really replace a book. At times I want to hold a book, turn pages and read it.
  2. I also realized that some books are not available on the Kindle store, so there is nothing much you can do, but buy and read the paperback version.
Here are some of the books I recently completed, and I was looking for the second part in the trilogy by Amitav Ghosh which is when I realized that some books are not available in India... or it could be a specific case with the Kindle India store.

I believe I bought this months back, but being my first Amitav Ghosh, I was a little wary whether I would get through it. But, I loved it completely, and to the extend that I did not wait to finish before hunting for the next book in the trilogy.

I did not find it on Kindle and hence ordered the paperback too.

This is a series which I happened to chance upon, and I have loved the short quick mysteries which seem to fit perfectly for me before I fall deep into big fat complicated novels.

Till date I am done with

A for Alibi
B for Burglar
C for Corpse

I usually restrict myself to just reading one in between picking up something bigger.

So... what have you been reading??

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