May 29, 2013

Blog-A-Prompt, Day 3 : Monday

This Monday, I made a plan for today, Wednesday.

This plan was made early in the morning on Monday for late night Wednesday. And today, being Wednesday and as the evening approaches, I am happy and thrilled regarding this plan.

A friend calls it ' A girl thingi'... well, that is what it is to be, a girls night out!

Now, the thrill and the happiness can be explained, I bet. I do not know what is it with girl's night outs.. is it just a western fad? But, I certainly do enjoy them so much more and it feels, in a strange way, great to be out. I am guessing this is a feeling which occurs when you have a 2 year old and to top it, one who is a early to bed, early to rise kind.

Now, night outs do seem to have a tendency to end up on dance floors, and that is where I am not too comfortable. I do not mind shaking a leg once a while, but in the usual crowded places, I rather just have my drink and enjoy the music. Lounge music is something which is great in the night, and one which is open to the sky does certainly have its perks!

So here is to a great Monday plan for Wednesday!

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  1. Awesome Plan for a mid week thing :) Have fun! I just feel so lazy going out mid week, too much effort I tell you.

    1. Effort.. oh yes! So much! I just do not know how I managed it. But then was a good break.

  2. hope you had a great time :)

    1. Mid week has its perks and not too. Places are not too crowded, so thats good. But, then the music is greatest I think over a weekend. Nevertheless, had fun :D


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