October 26, 2012

Impromptu = Goa

Goaaaa... that is what I feel every single time I decide on making a trip to Goa. The beach, the food, the sun just makes for the most wonderful break one could ever ask for. There is something which is so relaxing and lovely about not doing anything much in Goa. Lazing about the beaches, reading and munching on stuff. It is certainly not the best place to be if you are watching your diet, and I ceremonially always put an end to all my diet controls before I head to Goa.

My first trip to Goa was back in December 2008, and then followed that by December 2010. This year we thought why not break the December deal and do something a little earlier, with fewer tourists around. I was obviously wrong, as the throng of people were a wee bit less. I really do doubt whether if at any point of time there would be an empty Goa. Anyhow, that did not deter the fun, and this time around being Tee's first trip to the beach, this was going to be a special occasion.

This time we decided we should visit some places which we have never been to and not hang around the usual shacks and party scene. Also added to it was that we would not be really on the party scene with a 15 month old toddler in hand! I guess that was for the good... we did go to Old Goa and Aguada as a result and had lots of fun at the beautiful beaches of Sinquerim. I would say this is one of the most beautiful beaches which I have seen of Goa. Lets do a count... Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Vagator, Mobor,Varca, and Sinquerim, these are the beaches of Goa where I have been to and amongst them, my favorites have to be Vagator and Sinquerim.

We also managed to cruise along the river, the evening boat cruise at Panjim. It was strictly ok... and nothing which I would suggest someone should do, it is a river and there is pretty much nothing to see. Having been on the Seine in Paris and seeing the Eiffel light show  from the Seine.. this would certainly rank as one of the least important things to do in Goa.

All said and done, here are some pics to make you want to plan a trip to Goa quick!

Cathedral de Bom Jesus

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada - Fishing

Fort Aguada

Sinquerim Beach


  1. I didn't visit Goa yet .I want to visit soon :)


    1. A great place to go and unwind at any time of the year.

  2. The last time I was there I was unable to explore North Goa. next time surely!

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    The narration of your trip to Goa was so interesting that I had to read it in one sitting. You have given such vivid and absorbing details.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
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