October 5, 2012

How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran

Is this something which every woman should read?

Is this what every woman will relate to in someway or the other?

I think the answer to both the questions is YES.

There is something in it for every woman. Any woman would know how it was when we were going through that puberty phase for the very first time. Any woman would know how difficult it seems to get as we become older, and the world hands it to us that being a woman is no joke.

How we understand having kids changes everything for us, and then it all becomes a craze and for quite some time a complete daze. And moreover, we are also thought to be so motherly that we do not seem to ever mind it. Well, you know what? We do!

This is a book which starts to make you see how feminism needs to be seen. It can be seen as something which every woman would have thought and felt, but maybe not expressed. But, here is a book which will put your thoughts into words.

This is a very quick read, simple language and moves across the author's life pausing at all those instances when our lives as woman usually experience a blimp. Something one should pick up when you want to have a light funny read.

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  1. What is in this book? My wife is reading it for last 10 hours --non stop.Can guys read it also?



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