July 27, 2012

Very first mother daughter shopping trip

Yesterday, I was on a shopping trip with Tee. We had no particular agenda for shopping, it was pretty much anything which caught our eyes. I had decided that I will not be carrying her about as usual, but rather let her walk about, while I look about and check out some stuff to try.

Tee was thrilled with her freedom to walk about, and since I was in the clothing section, there was nothing breakable which I had to worry about. She walked about looking at the different tags, pushing about the clothes on their hangers and trying to pull the tags of clothes which I was carrying to be tried on.

She did love the trial rooms with their mirrors all round, and I am pretty sure everyone there would have heard her Baby... Baby chant all through looking at herself in the mirror.

Shopping for herself is something she doesn't seem to enjoy. I needed to pick up 2 footwear for her and she hated those 15 - 20 mins the most of the entire shopping experience. Another thing which she loves is the shopping cart ride... and obviously pulling out things from the various accessible points. But she still enjoys the ride the most, and is really happy to sit in it unless she is hungry.

Overall, the experience was nice... I learnt that I need to let her walk about on her own to ensure that she is happy and so that I can shop. I need to keep a lookout for her as she wanders about, and while I shop too. I see this to be start of many such trips, mostly because I need to get out and shop, and its a new place for her.

Image Source: http://www.knickledger.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/mother-daughter-shopping.jpg


  1. Sounds lovely :) Here's to many more!

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