July 7, 2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Pocket

My trusted Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro had some issues following continuous assault by Tee. It had to visit the doc and in replacement for a short duration I took up the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. The Xperia returned but today I decided to move back to it. I wanted to do a short review based on the short period of use I had of the Galaxy Pocket.

Firstly what I liked about the Pocket was that it was thin and light. Xperia was slightly more heavy and definitely more bulky. But, I like my phones to be such that I know I am holding onto something solid, not something too delicate. I tend to drop my phone and maybe jab it at corners too.

Secondly, I liked that the touch keys on the top panel were very receptive and one need not have to repeatedly touch to achieve a task. But, I must also add that as the RAM seems to be a little less, the response of the OS is slightly slow, and especially if you have more than 2 apps running simultaneously.

One of my main quirks with the Pocket was the time it took to get the screen active from idle mode. One can either press the home key on the top panel, or the side button which is also used to lock the screen. There have been times when I have had to press one , then the other and then the first one, all in vain, as I desperately try to make a call quickly. I do not know whether there is something wrong in the way I was going about it, I doubt that, but nevertheless, it was a PAIN.

Another one was the touchscreen. I am not a touchscreen fan, on phones. I love the iPad and can type out an entire mail there, but I need the space for the keyboard to allow me to do so, which clearly a touchscreen phone does not manage to do so. I would be totally frustrated with the typing of messages and mails. If its a smartphone where I can check mails, then I do expect to be able to reply to them too. This was one of the main reasons I wanted the Xperia Mini pro, which had the qwerty keyboard in place when required.

So, all in all, I think the Pocket is a great option if you just wish to browse the web, read some messages and make calls, but this is not the option I would use if I want to use it to the full ability of the Smartphone. 


  1. I had the exact same Xperia from India when I visited last June. However, it gave me trouble early on. Charging on the wall was a problem and the battery would drain very quickly even without using it! The last straw was when it would give trouble charging on the computer...some error message would come up and it would stop charging in between. I finally got so annoyed with it, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in May when the family were over here and sent back the Sony with them. Apparently, it's functioning for my mum. I am liking the Samsung even though I was worried about touchscreen myself. However, it's been easy to get used to but doubt I could type blog posts and long things on touch. I can reply to basic emails using touch.

  2. I have the bigger version of sony xperia which came ages ago and i love it .. n
    but now I am looking at the samsung galazy s3 for a change , that looks super cool

    havenot seen the pocket one will go and check it out for sure


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  4. Nice gadget review!

  5. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is better than Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro because its provide good tuch,memory,battery backup and smart music system and many more features..


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