December 13, 2011

Time flew

7 months seem like a short period of time for many other things which I have done. But, when I look at my 7 month old daughter, I feel aww, love, amazement. I see everyday a new development, I see a personality developing apart from the milestones which I am quickly counting and documenting. She has her likes and dislikes, somethings will never happen when she doesn't wish for it. But, she also knows when I am losing my temper and she will also quickly concede.

When I embarked on this journey, I was so unprepared, in fact now I look back, I had no idea what to expect. I did not know anything about children. I had only seen my nieces and nephews for brief periods which were more customary than in a taking care role. I was there to take care of them when their mother needed some work done. So, I was the one who would sit down and keep them occupied, but I was never the one who would be with them all through the day and I did not know how I would ever manage that. And today, I have been all alone at home, with no help ( yes, my help bunked), which means cooking, cleaning and T has all been my responsibility.

I do not know whether it was my running about or was it that children tend to get themselves into weird positions, but T just got her first nick while trying to stand up and stumbling, bumping her head on a rocking chair. She screamed and I came running, I saw the tinge of blood and my first instinct was to call B, but then I decided it didn't require that. It was a small nick, and she stopped howling after a minute. I dabbed it with a wet cotton and applied some baby lotion. Now, I believe that children fall down, get hurt and then they become OK, but then the first one being at 7 months is what I did not expect. My mom keeps telling me, you have one very active kid in the making, she will ensure you are on your feet. And my mom is also of the opinion that instead of wasting money on gym, exercise classes et al, I should just start running about with her and interact with her all through the day which will surely have me tired. After one day of managing everything on my own, I think maybe she does have a point, well moms always have a point! Experience that is called!

Anyhow, on the trying to stand up and move about bit, I think maybe it would be a good idea for me to get her a walker so that I know she wont be tumbling down anything soon. Also this will allow her to move about more easily. Any inputs, please do leave a comment. Any particular brand, model which is good, or if you feel walkers are not a good idea.. whichever way. 


  1. kids .. now she will soon be running and i bet more ticks coming your way .. thats what kids do.. Good you did not do the usual parent tantrum OHHHH WHTS HAPPENED :) he he he he


  2. On walkers, here's a link for you:

    There was a more moderate article on babycentre i came across but can't find it. Not saying walkers are to be avoided at all costs, just something to think about before you get one.

    Your baby is going to get bumped and bruised as she gets more mobile, and 7 months sounds about right for that to start happening. In fact, the first time my baby bled was even earlier and MY FAULT - I cut his skin badly while trying to clip his nails and the worst thing was, I had done it before. But he recovered and frankly, I'm the only one that feels like crap about this. My husband was a totally accident-prone baby - at 1 year old, he fractured his arm my falling off a small ledge. Thing is, no matter what you do the baby will get some degree of cuts etc. You can only do your best watching them, not much else.

  3. my sister lives abroad and is handling household and her 9 months old daughter without any household help. god knows how she does it!! thankfully my niece hasn't had a single accident yet. maybe u can read up on different baby-mom forums to know how others handle a stumbling baby.


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