December 28, 2011

Of Loving and Understanding

There are many days which end in a whirlwind and yet many others where I have the time to relax, think and plan for the next day. I cherish this time which I get at times, towards the end of the day, however rare it is. Being a new mother, there always seems to be so many items on the checklist, which never ever get done, but nevertheless have to in the week. All such planning and updates on the list happen during these few hours which I catch up with at times.

If I will be credited with 2 hours every day, then there is something which I have not being giving any time for, and that is myself. Being able to sit down and plan my life out, take the time to think how I wish to pan out plans and achieve them. And these me-times are very rare to find as there is inevitably something which I need to attend to at any time of the day. So, more than 2 hours extra, I need to have these two hours completely to myself. That is what I would want the most.

And what would I do during these two hours? There are many things which I feel, in the daily run called life, we miss out on and do not give any importance to.

The most important I feel is to understand a fellow human being.
The second important thing is to love unconditionally.

If you ask me, of the two, the second one is very difficult, and it does play havoc with ego, emotions et al. But, to truly be happy, one must be able to love someone taking away the good, bad and ugly from than person. And that requires that I am able to do some good amount of thinking, re-assess what decisions I took and how differently I could have done things. They might be the smallest of small things, but if it has affected me, and warranted a look over it in these 2 extra hours, then it sure is important.

Understanding people around is again something which requires time for me. I have noticed that many a times, I end up assuming what the other person would have wanted to me understand rather than just understand what they said. And if they do not say anything, I have learnt to ask. I think this is one of the most important things which I need to instill in myself. It is a tedious process, I have begun the same, but I know analyzing my thinking and actions are the only way to go about it.

So, extra time is something I really do need. I need to organize my mind and improve as a person.


  1. all of us would love some extra hours and we all would have all sort of different things to do during that time :)

  2. Yes, those two are on my mind too , and I am sure many others mind as well .
    But I did not find it easy to do them , yet.:-)

  3. I want a 48 hours day now that would be so nice ..

    you take care
    Have a great day and happy new year to you again and family and everyone around you …


  4. That's time you are using in a valuable pursuit. :)

  5. @Vetrimagal: They are the most difficult, I think

    @Bikram: Thats the perfect thing. Well, maybe that too will fall short for me.

    @Shail: Thank you!

    @Reema: Yups!


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