June 21, 2010

A woman of 13

Just met a woman who was married when she was 13, and was a mother at 14.

Where do things stand now?
  • She was advised by the doctors not have any more children due to an early childbirth.
  • She went on to study and work as a lawyer.
  • Her only daughter stays with her husband's parents, as they are the one's she is closest to and consider family.

I am not sure what I feel...


  1. i had a maid once for whom the opening statement was the same the difference starts now

    1. at 15 she had another daughter
    2. at 21 she stays far away from her daughters leaving them with her parents to earn a living for them
    3. at 22 she gets beaten black and blue by her husband

    i guess if u read this than u should be happy for her

  2. Is she still married? I wish parents saw what they are doing to their own flesh and blood. What makes people lose all sense of justice and even human values, if not love for their children...? :(

    Monika comment shows it's common all over India - I once blogged about it too.


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