June 16, 2010

Bad luck, or maybe rotten

Its called bad luck, in fact rotten luck!

How many times is a bad thing if your boss finds you browsing through your personal mail/ Facebook?  I am not too sure, but I have been told twice, and he also added that he says it only every third time he spots me :( Now, that is certainly not good.

It is certainly not that I do not work, or I do not work hard. I plan my days, know what is expected of myself in a day and set to achieving it. But, I need my relaxations, and breaks, maybe quite a lot more than many others do. I usually keep thinking regarding my work as I might be browsing through Facebook, and in between I get back and jot down the thoughts which do cross my mind.

At times when I do think of it, I am not too sure that I like a work place which does not allow for some amount of personal place. Thankfully, my workplace is not that extreme, but maybe I am trying to push the limit a tad too much. Need to keep a check on my online activity.

Whats the situation at your work place?


  1. Awww! I am pretty much a recluse at work. Folk avoid number crunchers any way. We are supposed to be dry as dust. So I get away with it

  2. Oh I know. There r many who think we hv no work when they see us on blogs or FB! I do need my off-work moments and I ensure I get them. If its not @ the cost of our work, why r ppl bothered so much!

  3. Ritu: Lucky you!

    Swaram: I know... I meet my deadline... does it matter which hour of the day I work to get it done?

  4. At our last workplace only some PCs had internet connections! We'd manage to set up something, but the scoundrels from the IT dept would find out and disable it. Sheesh. The one before that? My boss used to be on FB himself there ;-)

  5. I think the boss should only worry about whether your deliverable are being met. After that the number of hours worked, the number and nature of breaks should be none of his/ her business

  6. In two months time I expect to carry my personal laptop with me to work... and use internet !!! :D :D :D

    and for that... I am crunching numbers... hopefully i will have set up good sales... and then the good thing in sales is they dont care what you do as long as you are selling... our office systems prohibit net usage... so no such expreience in this job... but in the previous one i was caught twice... !!! only twice in 3 years... and I used to crazily browse... !!!!!

    I am Devious !!!!! :mrgreen:

  7. aww too bad. my work doesnt involve sitting at a comp so no problem. Social networking sites are blocked in our college.


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