April 1, 2015

Week 0

When the idea was thrown up by T, I never thought she would be so adamant and staunch in following through with it.
A month at my parent's place for the summer
But she did, and she has surprised me and much more than me, B! She started off by December on how she wants to go when school closes, and we just kept telling her that we have to wait for the summer vacations. My parents also helped in making her understand that the next time they visit will be to take her along for her summer break.

B has been shocked at her independence and clear focus on what she wants. And he in fact doubted whether she understood what it means to be away from both of us. This being the first time she is away from both of us.

Makes us wonder if it is the age in which where she does not miss us, as long as being cared for and happy?

Or, is it the effect of day care and independence of thought and action which I have been persistently pushing?

With the awe and concern expressed by many, I am at the stage wherein I am left questioning why she does not miss us, but then I give myself one clench of my fist and tell myself, she is independent and does what she wants and needs, and I should be happy and thrilled about that.

I know there are certain attraction factors which are keeping her busy and if I think about it, it is truly very early to say how she will be through the month ahead, or how she will be at the end of the one month at my parent's place. In fact, I am happy she is creating some happy memories and associations for her summer vacations. I was speaking with some of my friends, and they were very supportive of how it is wonderful that I am doing this for her, and truly helping her enjoy her vacations rather than having her cooped up at day care or at home with nothing new to do and look forward to.

So at this point, I am looking at another week or two to pass and then decide how she is going to be ... but a part of me tells me she will be happy and well settled :)

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