April 23, 2013

30 days

I had hopped on board the marathon bloggers to ensure I do my weekly post and I knew there would be some real interesting posts to read. I have been pretty much only the latter for 30 days now, and it is of extreme importance that I get back into groove.

In less than 15 days, I will be going on a 3 day long break away from B, T and everyone at Bangalore, to a place around 2500 kms away. It will be a different world, something I have not ventured into ever. Meeting folks I have mostly never met in my life. It will be an experience and I am looking forward to it immensely. Since the past few days, I also wonder how I will be away from T for these 3 days. I am not sure how she will take it, but this is a step which I want to take up and try. I know there might be issues, especially for her to eat and sleep, the rest of the day should be workable. But, the tug within me, is it fear or maybe just anxiety, I am unsure. It was a instant decision which I took to undertake this trip, and it might have been contributed by the feeling of being trapped in my home life existence. Home life is something which some enjoy and some feel pressurized to undertake due to circumstances. But, in my case, I believe its a mix of both. At times I enjoy the time and the certainty which I can have about T's upbringing, but when I see the world around me moving and me just being involved in the same activities, the grass certainly does look greener. At times that might be for a while, but other times, it seems to be for a far longer period which does have such consequences!

Anyhow, back to the trip, this is something I wished to take up before also, with friends, though that never seemed to work out where three friends live in 3 different locations and 2 different time zones. We had planned this kind of a trip before we got wedded, then now I have a kid so it does seem real long ago.

This will be my first trip away from T for a night. I have always travelled with her, been with her to put her to bed and now when I see that she will be on her own with B and parents to ensure that things will run smooth, there is a knot which comes telling me, what if she just refuses to sleep, or more importantly eat a meal. I need to stop thinking thus, and try it out, she would eventually learn it and know what is the new way of things sooner than later, thats what I wish for anyhow.

A trial which I am willing to undertake and then maybe I can have far more breaks and maybe even start working in a more relaxed manner.

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  1. So you took the leap of faith and everything turned out well...good for u!


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