March 29, 2012

Its easy to complain, so let me start...

There are so many things which I always never do right. I thought, why not list some here and maybe... a very far fetched MAYBE.. I will be able to get these towards the right side.

1. I have been eagerly looking to buy an oven and start baking some goodies. I thought maybe a course would help me put myself in pace with my idea and also help me get about it. But, I have not yet got the oven even though I have been looking out for options. Now I feel that I need time at my disposal and with so many things to do through the day, I have no time and moreover, no time for me to do anything peacefully. Most of my chores are done in such a planned out manner, and they are all chores. I have no time to browse through anything and I want to get this oven after a good research. That might just be the issue, but that is the way I am.

2. When I moved to my current residence, the only thing I was at peace with was the small patch of a garden which existed and at that time it just truly existed. I had to take out so many weeds, get the whole place sorted out and what not. But, now I have some plants... have flowers on and off, but I need to get myself to devote myself to the garden if I want to see it truly ' bloom' ( for the lack of any better word).

3. I never seem to take out enough time through the day. It is not because I do not have the time, but just that I end up browsing the web, or reading a book, when I know there would be many things which are pending. The issue is I have so many things which are forever to be done, that I want to just relax and take things lightly, rather than move from one to the next. But, if I do get myself to finish off all my chores/tasks, will I be free to sit around? I doubt it. I am sure there will be a another few items added to the list by then.

4. I have been forever trying to get on to some part- time work schedule, and I know I can do it, but I just do not. I have these above chores to finish with all the lazing around also involved, which results in the part- time work not figuring in anywhere. 

At times I wonder is this a by- product of having a kid, I doubt it, I think I am just a lazy person. B says I have a true leo... who likes luxury and lazing around, and the two do go well hand in hand. ;)


  1. Hehe.. a fellow lazy person! :)
    You want a dedicated oven? Microwave won't be enough? And for the garden, maybe you should get a gardener to look at it once every 2 weeks. My mum did, and now all the plants have flowers. FLOWERS!
    All the best! :)

  2. I completely agree with #3 because I am similar. About part-time work, I'd suggest that you only do that seriously once your daughter is at least 2 years old and maybe going to preschool. That way you can work your way part-time for a few years till she reaches primary school and then you can increase your hours. That is how I handled my work. Gardening -- I've given the responsibility to my younger son to water the plants everyday :). Delegation helps :).

  3. :) I am so waiting to start baking on my new OTG too! Just nt finding the time. Must do so soon.

  4. I got a new OTG and can't wait to bake too! Work-travel has kept me busy and I so hope i get my hands on it soon :)

  5. why don't you join Institute of Baking course or attend Monika's (do u know her?) workshop..I think she will holding one in April.

  6. @Revacious: I have a gardener who comes in twice a month, but watering them everyday is something which I forget at times and invariably that is when B will see it and comment. DOuble argh!

    @Rachna: No one to delegate!

    @Swaram: Me too... to buy and start

    @Reema: I did a workshop with Monika in March... after which is the whole OTG fever ;)

  7. Baking, Gardening, it all sounds lovely. Part-time job also sounds great! How's the lil one doing? How are you managing, do you have someone to help?

    BTW, I'm a Leo too ;)


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