February 23, 2012

Losing my Virginity and other dumb ideas by Madhuri Banerjee

Vivid and Spunky says Shobha De

One should never confuse between love, relationships and sex. I thought this was the most important take away for me from this book.

In life, we come across many situations where we do not know how a relationship will pan out, but living in the moment and not looking too deeply into matters help in creating space and hence developing our personality, drawing from learnings through these various interactions.

The plot deals with 2 friends, working, single and completely different from each other. One of them on reaching 30, decide its time to  lose the tag of a virgin and not wait for the Mr.Perfect. The other friend is much more experienced in the matter of love and sex, hence sets about getting this project de-virginisation done. From here, it is a ride of relationships, love and letting go the ones you love. Love and relationships, be it between friends, parent and child, lovers, a fling. Each of them have a place in our lives.

When I started with this book, I was skeptical, and thought with the setting in the first 2 chapters, it was to be another chick-lit which I was oh-so not fond of. I must say that I was proven completely wrong and soon I was drawn into the book and was yearning to finish it. The plot moved seamlessly and the book did speak to me. There was something there for me to relate to from my college days, courting days and now being married. What is the important details one considers when thinking of marriage, and what changes once you are? How does the female and male mind think? And think differently, they do.

Another aspect which I loved was how the freedom of youth and being responsible for only ones self was portrayed. It is a wonderful feeling which I lived truly through this book. It does make one reminiscent of the past and the wonders of how years change one's life. I must also add that this book did inspire me to not give up my own identity and become a shadow of someone. That is a very simple thing to do and in the process lose oneself in a very deep gorge. The book also has a very nice view on compromises and where to draw the line. Losing love after all the compromises makes the situation so much more worse than it might already be. Having a hold on oneself and believing are two things which are very much rooted in the book.

I have recommended this book to two of my very close girl friends, as I know they too would cherish college and old days through these pages and you should pick it up too to experience those college care-free love days!


  1. sounds like an interesting read..exciting and responsible..where and when to draw that line...

    So glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower via twitter (@purplechronicl1) and networked AND a regular visitor now.

  2. Interesting read.
    I fear these books may be considered and looked as a GURU, people may feel that it emphasize on bad things.
    Without reading they may consider such views.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. interesting.. Well this is becoming quiet common now adays though..


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  5. Thank you so much for this review. Am most honoured. I sincerely hope you like the sequel - Mistakes Like Love And Sex. Do let me know what you thought of it.


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